O&O BlueCon Admin Edition 15.0 Build 4073 Cracked

O&O BlueCon Admin Edition 15.0 Build 4073 A powerful toolset designed to help users easily manage and recover data from their systems in the event of hardware or software failure.The software has been built specifically for professionals and requires some computer knowledge in order to be properly setup for successful data and system recovery.O&O BlueCon Tech Edition is a piece of software designed specifically for recovering data within enterprise environments, capable of offering a comprehensive set of system restoration tools to IT administrators.

O&O BlueCon Admin Edition 15.0 Keygen Full Version With Crack

O&O BlueCon Admin Edition 15.0 license key
This program is designed for computer technicians, office administrators, or IT experts to help them manage or recover lost data. O&O BlueCon 15 Serial key is a collection of professional tools that very useful in case of a disaster on your company’s computer while inside there are important data and you lose access to that computer because of hardware or software malfunction. It helps users, administrators and technicians to get damaged Windows systems up and running again with ease and even without the need for new installation.
The application requires the creation of a boot CD, which can be built from within the program itself. However, users also need to download and install the Windows ADK, which is necessary for the creation of CD images of Windows PE.
Users are provided with the option to select the tools they want to load on their boot CDs, after which the tool creates an image of the CD, while also allowing users to burn the image to a disc, or to a removable USB device.
O&O BlueCon Free Download Admin Edition is a comprehensive application designed to enable you to start, manage, and rescue damaged computer from a bootable USB stick or a CD/DVD whenever a critical system error occurs.
O&O BlueCon Admin Edition 15 crack
The program comes with a bundle of useful tools and functions to help you address problems that can lead to a blue screen, system crash, as well as maliciou apps that caused damage to the system files. It allows you to access the computer without the admin password, enables you to permanently erase sensitive data, ensure that no data is lost due to overwriting, and making the recovery of any type of data possible.

O&O BlueCon Admin Edition 15 Key Features :

Supports both local and network drives
Access and manages local user accounts
New backing up and restoring data
Access, manage and restore lost files
New bitlocker drives can be unlocked
Allows to display and edit text files
New creation of a PXE Boot Assistant
Reliable hard disk management tools
New driver problems and service issues
Repairing systems and correcting errors
New powerful & advanced error detection
Securely delete and erase sensitive data
New supports Hyper-V and Server 2016
Resetting passwords, and so much more.
Other bug fixes and improvements.

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